Lovingkindness and Mindfulness for a Happier Life


We are pleased to provide here information on retreats led by Visu Teoh and materials that are relevant and helpful for the practice of Metta and Vipassana Meditation and the Dhamma in everyday life. We hope you will find them interesting and beneficial. We welcome any questions or feedback which may be sent to visu@mind-at-peace.net.


For beginners who would like to learn meditation Visu is happy to give personal one-on-one guidance through Skype. Just send him a line at the above email address.


What's New: What constitutes a meaningful and beautiful life? Meditation on death can keep alive this important question in our mind. It makes us focus on what counts and stirs us to live a value-oriented life. Death can be our teacher and guide, constantly reminding us how best to live our precious life. Our latest essay invites us to keep death uppermost in our mind as we go about our daily life. It also provides instructions for a formal meditation on death.


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"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."


- Anthony J. D'Angelo